Tap 'n Fuel


Simplified technology

Tap ‘n Fuel only needs a smartphone and NFC stickers. That’s it! No upfront costs or capital expenditure for expensive hardware. Tap ‘n Fuel stickers are durable, easy to apply or replace, and eliminate the need to ground your fleet to have it installed.

Convenient control

Replacing cash, local service station accounts, and the use of personal or company credit cards, Tap ‘n fuel offers secure control without compromising on convenience. Tap ‘n Fuel is the ideal solution for fleet owners or managers who want to explore the benefits of a fleet fuel management system.

Site Finder and Navigation

Use your current location or search for a Tap ‘n Fuel site near you with integrated maps and navigation.


When a vehicle or sticker is stolen, you can quickly blacklist it to prevent further fueling.

Interactive Dashboards

Free access to interactive dashboards providing visualisation of your fleet fuelling data by leveraging the power of Microsoft’s PowerBI business analytics. Tap on the dashboard to drill down into transaction data or filter by month.

Wallet Manager

Create, fund and top-up your pre-paid wallet in the Tap ‘n fuel app using PayFast Instant EFT or traditional EFT.

NFC Manager

Order NFC stickers and link your fleet vehicles in the Tap ‘n Fuel app by either scanning the NFC sticker with your smartphone’s camera or manually entering the barcode found on the NFC sticker.

Intuitive Fleet Configuration

Adding a vehicle to your profile is easy. Load the vehicles’ registration number, make, model and variant and hit save.


No risks
Easy to manage
Easy & Convenient
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Zero risks.
More reward

Tap ‘n Fuel has no cost to the user and is the first free contactless fleet fuel payment solution in South Africa. How is it free? Tap ‘n Fuel’ is a fleet loyalty product allowing it to be free to use at any participating service station. What’s more? Our NFC technology requires no upfront costs or capital expenditure. So you get all the benefits with none of the risks.

A re-imagined way to
manage your fuel bill.

Getting started with Tap ‘n Fuel is convenient and hassle-free. That’s because the only hardware needed is your smartphone and a Tap ‘n Fuel sticker. Once you’ve registered and placed your NFC order, we’ll courier everything you need straight to your door, including our nifty onboarding toolkit with step-by-step instructions.

Getting started is
easy and convenient.

Gain access to a fleet fueling facility without bank credit checks, credit guarantees, excessive transaction fees, or loaned money to pay for fuel. Using your own cash via the Tap ‘n Fuel pre-paid wallet, you get control and accurate reporting on your fleet’s fuel expenses and trends.

Everything you need
in one place.

Our comprehensive FAQs page covers a variety of topics with comprehensive answers to our frequently asked questions, including:

  • Getting Started
  • App Questions
  • Order and Courier Questions
  • How Does NFC Fuel Payment Technology Work
  • Pre-paid wallet and Activation Questions
  • Cancellation Questions
  • Service Station Questions
  • App Errors and Troubleshooting
  • Additional Support

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